Leet Media Launched

Well, it only took a couple weeks longer than anticipated, but Leet Media is finally open to the public! I'm really excited to show off my work with this new project. A lot of attention has been paid to detail in order to provide a superior user experience both in terms of usability and effectiveness of the service.

You may be thinking this online game advertising service sounds like another project of mine, and you would be right (partly). Back in the day I made Apex Gaming Ads, but to be quite honest, it was an embarrassment. One of the motivations for Leet Media was the need to fill the hole that AGA left. I feel like I have passed this with flying colors, but that will ultimately be decided by all of you (lets just say AGA took a week or two, while Leet Media has taken several months and a lot of planning before that).

I've already made several posts about some of the new technologies (at least to me) that have gone into making Leet Media what it is, so I won't go into those again until I start to adapt them and others into my other projects (PokerRPG, BC Wars, etc). I will say that most of the delays are due to these new technologies, but life should forever be a learning experience, and I've probably learned more working on this project than all of my other pre-launch projects combined.

Anyway, on to the good stuff: a special launch promo for GFS readers! If you are interested in trying out Leet Media, I've decided to make that decision easier by handing out wads of cash (who doesn't like free money…right??).

Click here to use GFS promo

Okay, so here's how it works. For all of you advertisers out there, simply deposit $25 and you'll instantly receive a free $75 bonus. So, you get $100 in advertising credit for just $25 on your first deposit.

Publishers aren't getting left out either, because they will get a +100% revenue bonus for their first 30 days. You can be an advertiser and publisher in the same account, and can take advantage of both offers (but don't wait, the offer will no longer be valid after July 15).

If you have any suggestions or comments about the service, please leave me some comments or send me an e-mail.