The Power of Truly Social Gaming

As I've said before, games are the ultimate art form. However, games can be so much more than just art. They are a basic form of human connection; and, because of this, they will ultimately move to the forefront of breaking down cultural barriers and forming new, lasting connections the world over.

Before this future can become a reality, the mainstream perception of games must make a radical shift. Fair or not, there are a lot of negative connotations associated with gaming. The reality is that gaming is now becoming the dominant form of entertainment around the globe, and this will only continue to accelerate as the world continues to come online.

I envision a future where communities are no longer constrained by their physical boundaries. Where your closest friends are scattered across the globe, not simply in your backyard. Movies, books and music are great art forms, but they don't have the inherent power to truly connect the world in a fundamental way. Truly social games have that power, and they are going to change the world.

I recently had the honor of speaking at TEDxOU about the power of truly social gaming and how it will enact sweeping social change all around the globe. I speak in more detail about these topics in the below embedded video, but the discussion shouldn't stop there. The games industry as a whole must come together to change the mainstream perceptions of gaming and go on to uphold these perceptions through the content, experiences and communities that are produced.