The Accelerator Experiment: Part I

The last two months have been an absolute whirlwind, and that is very exciting indeed. Things were starting to get stale, I was getting stuck in the same daily routine, and the company really wasn't on the path I was looking for. It was time to change, and VentureSpur was an opportunity to be a catalyst for that change.

I must say, I was somewhat skeptical when I first heard about VentureSpur. In fact, I was still somewhat skeptical when GoldFire Studios was accepted as a finalist to pitch for a spot in the program earlier this summer. After all, this is Oklahoma City, there's no tech innovation going on here. Right?

VentureSpur in Oklahoma City's historic Film Row

As my favorite mascot-wearing sports analyst would say, not so fast my friend! The truth is just the opposite, and dare I say Oklahoma City is becoming one of the new up-and-coming tech hubs that we've seen sprouting across the country? The startup scene, especially the tech startup scene, is one of the hidden gems here in OKC. There are a lot of exciting things going on behind the scenes, and I think people will be surprised by what they see over the next few years.

GoldFire Studios office at VentureSpur

VentureSpur is just one piece in that puzzle, and I've found it to be a very rewarding experience through this first half of the program. Just being a part of the program, working in close proximity with other entrepreneurs, and meeting multiple times per week with successful entrepreneurs has brought a great energy that had begun to wane. I've been fortunate enough to share this space and program with some awesome startups: RaiseMore, Idefi Music and MesoBio.

Along with this newfound energy has come a renewed focus and an expansion of the team (more on this later). We are making amazing progress and things are heading in the right direction. It is an exciting time to be an entrepreneur in Oklahoma City, and it is an exciting time at GoldFire Studios.

I'm excited for what the next 5-6 weeks have in store, so be sure to check back at that time for my full recap on the entire startup accelerator experience!

VentureSpur Sign
VentureSpur Conference Room
VentureSpur Community Room
VentureSpur Hall

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