Tables 2.0 (PokerRPG Update)

Finally, the long awaited 2nd version of the poker tables has arrived! As you will likely see, the new tables are a massive upgrade to v1 of the poker tables, boasting a great new user interface and many new features.

Obviously, since this is a brand new version, with a lot of new features, there are going to be new bugs, so please report them ASAP. Also, this is only an early version of Tables 2.0, as I have had to postpone some of the other cool features I had planned for it to get it released in a timely fashion. I plan on releasing these other features that are currently missing over the next week or so, so be on the look out for those.

Some of the new features that are coming soon include, but are not limited to: new card deck, new sounds, chat block, auto mucking, more detailed messages, and more.