PokerRPG v5.0 Released

If you check this blog with any frequency (at least once per you), you probably will have noticed that I haven\'t updated in a while.  This isn\'t because the company has been inactive, but rather because I\'ve been so busy improving our current games and planning for future entertainment options.  The biggest update to one of our games was released yesterday, the new version of PokerRPG (which also received a facelift to the entire site recently as well).

It has been almost a full year since the last incremental update and a year and a half since the last major update to the tables on PokerRPG.  In that time I have learned a lot, and today marks the release of the biggest update to the tables yet, v5.0.  The poker, blackjack, and liar\'s dice tables all received a massive overhaul.  Everything was reprogrammed from the ground up to be leaner, faster, and feature-rich.  Highlights of some of the updates in this version:

  • New, full 3D table art.
  • Different color tables for Poker, Blackjack, and Liar\'s Dice.
  • The ability to play and watch multiple tables at the same time.
  • You can now choose your seat instead of being randomly placed in a seat (doesn\'t apply to MT).
  • A betting slider has been added along with bigger and easier to read buttons.
  • Realistic chip images have been added for the pot and bets.
  • Animations have been added to all tables.
  • New card images have been made that are easier to read.
  • The dead button rule is now implemented.
  • Improved screen update speed by greater than 60%.
  • Hand descriptions at the end of hands now show what the winning hand was (ex: Two Pair, J\'s & 6\'s).
  • Improved timer movement and accuracy.
  • The fonts used should now be easier to read, and colors have been added to the Dealer chat to be easier to read.
  • You can now see your hands won/lost for the current game session.
  • Minimum and maximum buy-ins are now automatically set based on the blinds.
  • Dramatically improved game speed and smoothness of Blackjack.
  • It is now clear which set of cards you are on with a split in Blackjack.
  • Added a raise sound that is separate from the bet sound.
  • Added a sound for when someone gets a blackjack.
  • If you are typing in the chat, your cursor won\'t jump to the bet box if it becomes your turn.
  • The current table id and hand id are now shown on the top left of each table.
  • 9 players can now play at a poker table, and 5 can play at blackjack and liar\'s dice.
  • Improved support for mobile devices (sounds still won\'t work unless your phone has flash).

More big updates are on the horizon for GoldFire Studios, so be sure to check back for new updates (I\'ll try to keep this blog more up-to-date).