Next Xbox to be called Xbox 3D

I know console gaming isn't really my field (who knows, it could be down the road), but that doesn't keep me from making my opinion known about topics in other areas of the gaming world. A lot of talk and speculation has been made about the next generation of consoles, and since my console of choice is the Xbox 360, I'll weigh in on where I see this next generation going.

I have credible sources that tell me the next Xbox will not in fact be called the Xbox 720 as so many expect, but rather the more perfect, in my mind, "Xbox 3D." Oh, and by credible sources, I mean those voices in my head that think they know a lot about certain topics, but are usually just making things up, so take this post as seriously as you want to.

Xbox 3D Logo

Just because I don't have real sources doesn't mean I can't back up my claim. 3D has exploded in Hollywood and just about every movie has "in 3D" tacked onto it. Frankly, this is getting quite annoying, and I hope this trend dies a quick death since I feel most movies are hurt by this treatment (besides a select few that are specifically made for this purpose like Avatar).

While the 3D movie trend may just be a fad, I feel like it will dominate the next generation of video games. 3D doesn't make a lot of sense for most movies, but it makes perfect sense for almost all video games, especially those based on consoles and hooked up to big, shiny TVs. Depth of field in a video game really changes everything. I'm not talking about silly gimmicks with bullets flying out of the screen (although that could be cool too). I'm talking about taking video games to the next level of realism.

Short of the Holodeck, 3D console gaming is the ultimate destination for video games. It becomes much more than an effect and truly adds to the gameplay, allowing you to see exactly how far away something or someone is, peering around corners, connecting more accurately with a wide receiver down the side line to win the Super Bowl. The possibilities are endless and I'm getting excited for the future just writing about this.

The big argument against this right now is that a lot of people don't like wearing the 3D glasses. Great news! 3D glasses will be a thing of the past once the new generation of consoles roll around. We are already seeing glasses-less 3D in the upcoming Nintendo 3DS, and similar tech is heading to an HDTV near you in the not too distant future.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the new consoles likely won't arrive until 2013 or later. Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are quite happy where they are right now -- in the green. New consoles are multi-billion dollar propositions and it takes a long time to reach profitability. If all 3 major console makers can make a profit at the same time, none will be in too much of a rush to release a new console.

Oh by the way, the next Xbox will be the 3rd in the line, making Xbox "3"D make that much more sense. Just my two cents, so take it how you will, but of course leave you opinions on the matter in the comments!