London Games Festival Official Selection

Play an updated demo for a limited time as part of the London Games Festival.

London Games Festival Official Selection

In addition to the new companion AI for Alfie, we've been working on loads of updates and bug fixes to the game since we last showed it at Day of the Devs, The MIX and AdventureX last fall.

We're thrilled to be an Official Selection of this year's London Games Festival, so we're making all of these updates available in a new demo directly on Steam. However, be sure to check it out while you can as the demo will only be available through the end of April.

And please keep the feedback coming! It has been invaluable for us as we continue to hone the experience and finalize all of the gameplay/story elements leading up to release later this year.

The best way to stay informed on future beta/demo availability is by following/wishlisting our Steam page as they'll all be run through here. You can also join our Discord, Twitter or newsletter for future updates.