High Times at GoldFire HQ

Sorry about the lack of updates recently.  As you may or may not know, I sold NexGen Wars a few months ago.  I have also been doing massive updates to PokerRPG, which will continue.  Exciting times lay ahead for all of my sites.

PokerRPG: Several new big features are currently in the works, some are secret as well.  The PokerRPG World Series of Poker is also coming this summer and the site has been growing rapidly.

Apex Web Gaming: I am currently in the development stage for AWG v7.0 which is going to be a massive improvement to the site.  I am once again recoding and designing everything from the ground up and switching to web 2.0 which should bring a fresh feel into the saturated game site voting market.

ImmaRockstar: That is right, you read it correctly.  ImmaRockstar is returning from the grave.  I started the project back in 2005 and eventually abandoned it due to lack of time.  I have found a partner and we are currently in the development stage of the site and it should be ready to hit the web very soon.

As you can see there is a lot going on here at GoldFire Studios and we expect that the next few months are going to be huge.  The above is just a small taste of what is to come.