GoldFire Studios re-imagined

The current design and content on the GoldFire Studios website is closing in on two years old now. A lot has changed in those two years, so I figured it was time to do a little reorganizing, test out my design chops and reimagined this site from scratch.

What you are seeing now is the new site. The base colors are still very similar to before, as well as the overall structure (don't fix something that isn't broken, right?). However, I always got the nagging feeling that the site felt more like a personal site rather than the corporate portal for a game development studio. So, the new design is much cleaner, more professional and more informative. Anything not directly relating to the company has been removed to match the new focus for GoldFire Studios.

New GoldFire Studios Website

In addition to the new design, I'vd updated the information found on the site. The direction of GoldFire Studios has changed a lot over the last two years, and it was time to reflect those changes here as well. If you've been reading these blogs you know we are charging full on towards the HTML5 gaming future. Community is at the core of this, which I hope is reflected well throughout the site. I also rewrote the company history page to be more concise and less like an autobiography.

I hope you enjoy the new site, and I hope to find time to start blogging again more frequently. Be sure to keep your eye here over the next few months, more big changes are on the way.