First day in the office

The days of working out of my bedroom (at least during the daylight) appear to have come to an end. Yesterday I signed up for some shared office space in downtown Oklahoma City, and today is my first full day to work here. While this isn't a dedicated office space for GoldFire Studios, I hope to be able to upgrade to that later in the summer or this fall. This is a great environment to work in and should allow me to be much more productive and push updates out much more quickly (no Xbox 360 or Netflix in the other room to tempt me).

By the way, I'm currently looking for programmers with experience in PHP, Javascript, and MySQL. There's plenty of space for people to join me here, and as the team grows we can move into our own dedicated office space. Hit me up from the contact page if you are interested in being part of the GoldFire Studios team!