Early Arctic Awakening Concepts

Take a look at some early concepts of the game before it was "Arctic Awakening".

Early Arctic Awakening Concepts

Just as with the character concepts, we've gone through significant iterations at every step of the process. However, pre-production, which in our case started way back in 2019, can take on a life of its own.

While we had an idea for the type of story we wanted to tell, we had all sorts of ideas for how we might tell it. It didn't always revolve around the Arctic – or even on this planet! We had to visually explore different environments and moods before landing on what you see in Arctic Awakening today.

These are usually the concepts that never see the light of day, but we came across these cleaning up some old backup drives and just had to share them! This is just a taste of some of the off-the-wall concepts that came out of very early pre-production stages. Who knows, maybe one of them could turn into something one day...

These early concepts were created in collaboration with Lane Brown, who did much of the artwork for our previous games.