Cover story for Price Magazine

I've done interviews for blogs, newspapers, radio shows, and television, but I've never been in a magazine. I'm now lucky enough to say that I've graced the cover of one in fact. While Price Magazine is no major publication, it still goes out to thousands of alumni of the Price School of Business here at the University of Oklahoma. I've provided scans (albeit not very good ones) of the cover and article (click to view full size).

Graduation is in two weeks, so assuming I pass my final tomorrow and Wednesday, I'll be walking across the stage this coming Saturday (pictures to come from that as well). After that I'm looking to find some office space and find some programmers to ramp up the pace of development for current and future games. Customer support will also see a dramatic improvement (sorry to all those that have suffered through week-plus long ticket wait times, this last semester has been rough).