Clans at Eternal Kingdoms

The long awaited Clans feature at Eternal Kingdoms has finally been released! Features include:

- Full customization of the front page

- A members page with admin controls

- A clan message board

- In-clan trading of resources that was never before available

- An impressive \'War Room\' that contains many great things such as battle planning, troop creation, and constructing buildings for you clan

- Clans are under a ranking system and gain a score from battling one another and other clan operations

Eternal Kingdoms has just begun to tap into the creative ability and potential of the game, and plans on expanding throughout future rounds to bring new and exciting features to the floor.

I have a few more small things to do on Eternal Kingdoms this week and then I will be putting 90% of my focus for the next month on the 3 website projects I am working on and creating the \'New Apex\'.  Remember to visit to send me ideas for the new site.