CasinoRPG Launches on Steam

CasinoRPG Launches on Steam

As we discussed in our previous post about CasinoRPG launching on mobile, our goal has always been to make CasinoRPG truly cross-platform. The idea from day one was to allow our players to access the full CasinoRPG experience no matter their device or platform of choice.

The mobile launch on iOS and Android was a big milestone, and we are excited to announce that just over a month later we've reached another big milestone. Steam is the world's largest PC/Mac game store, and CasinoRPG is now available on Steam as a free download!

Download CasinoRPG on Steam

This is the same great desktop experience that you are used to from the browser or Windows Store, but now available as a desktop application on both PC and Mac. Being the largest games store for desktop, Steam opens us up to an entirely new community that have yet to discover CasinoRPG, and we hope to bring them into our own growing community.

CasinoRPG Steam

From a technical perspective, we made use of several open-source projects to bring CasinoRPG to Steam. First of which is Electron, which uses the rendering core of Chrome to allow desktop applications to be built with web technologies. Greenworks is another project we relied on, which allows an Electron games to connect to all of the Steam services and features. A Steam launch simply would not have been possible without the open source community, which is why we put a lot of effort into releasing our own open source projects such as howler.js, pokersolver and democracy.js.