Bitcoin on GoldFire Network

Bitcoin on GoldFire Network

If you aren't at least aware of Bitcoin; well, then you probably don't have an internet connection. And if you don't have an internet connection, then I'm going to assume you aren't reading this anyway.

Bitcoin is something that we've experimented with for the last few years personally, and we tend to discuss it quite frequently here at GoldFire HQ. Until recently; however, we hadn't thought seriously about offering it as a payment option for the games under the GoldFire Network.

Recent events would lead you to believe this is odd timing, but it has only led to a bolstering of confidence in the fledgling crypto-currency. So, we've decided to take the leap and make it one of the primary purchasing options for the entire network, including our newest title, CasinoRPG.

In order to accomplish this, we've partnered with Coinbase to handle all of the processing, security, etc. They've got a lot of experience in their relatively short existence, and we consider them to be the top Bitcoin merchant provider on the market today.

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