Big Updates, Changes

The first order of business involves PokerRPG.  It has been a great 2 1/2 years running and developing PokerRPG.  However, my vision will now be carried out and completed by the guys over at DreamBurst Studios due to my lack of time because of school, other projects, and outside life.  GoldFire Studios and DreamBurst Studios have reached an agreement where PokerRPG will be purchased over an extended period of time.  During this time I will serve on the advisory board as I have a continued interest in the site until all payments have been completed.

The next update has to do with this very site.  As I am sure you have noticed, the layout and logo have once again changed.  I know it has been a fairly short time since the last change, but I have grown to dislike the layout and logo and have revamped the look of GoldFire Studios once again, hopefully for the better.  This new look should represent the overall goals stated clearly on the front page to exemplify innovation and creativity in everything.  On that note I would like to move into my next topic, BC Wars.

I know a lot of you are eagerly awaiting the launch of this ambitious new project of mine.  I am anticipating its completion even more I assure you, but the wait is going to have to continue I am afraid.  It pains me to say so, but alpha may not launch until late November or mid-December.  I simply don\'t have enough time with my heavy school work-load right now to get the site to the quality level that I am striving for at launch.  I assure you that this will allow for the greatest overall experience when the site is finally release, and I feel that all of you will be quite impressed with what I feel is by far my best work yet.  I am excited to see what all of you think of the site and hope you all greatly enjoy it on its launch, stay tuned for updates.