BC Wars Alpha Begins

This has been a long day in the making, and now alpha testing has finally started! In case you are unaware, during this stage of the game, the site is in its very early and very first public stage. This means the features aren\'t fully fleshed out yet and there are quite likely quite a few bugs throughout the site. This is why we need YOU to play (and hopefully enjoy) the game to find all of these bugs and help us craft the game and site into something amazing.

I strongly urge all of you to take advantage of the \"feedback\" tab to your right to submit any bugs and suggestions that you may have. Even if it doesn\'t seem like much, submit it and we will try to implement all suggestions throughout these testing stages.

I must warn you (in case you didn\'t read the notice when you registered), that there will be at least 2 resets before this game goes gold (is done with both alpha and beta testing). This will be necessary for many reasons, but mainly because a lot of things will change both visibly and behind the scenes during these testing stages.