Announcing Exocraft Beta

Announcing Exocraft Beta

When I started GoldFire Studios nearly a decade ago, the goal was always to build a community of games and the diverse people that play them. It is this goal that led us to build the GoldFire platform that we relaunched earlier this year. It is also this goal that drives us to continue creating unique social gaming experiences like the one we are announcing today.


With each new game, we like to explore concepts that push creative and technical boundaries. Exocraft is no exception and adds a genre to our portfolio that we love, but have yet to explore. That being said, Exocraft is still browser-first and heavily community-driven, just like everything else we've done. It is a massively multiplayer game where everyone shares the same world, albeit wrapped up in simpler mechanics than the sprawling city and casinos of CasinoRPG.

Exocraft is a sci-fi game set in a distant desert world where you can team up with friends and explore the entire planet in search of the valuable crystals it holds. Through strategy and a bit of luck, you'll gather, battle and mine with your fleet of drones in an exciting action strategy setting. Your loot from these activities can then be used to design and customize your unique spacecraft to work your way to the top.

A closed beta period is starting today, exclusively for our CasinoRPG community. Watch for open beta in the coming weeks and a full launch in early 2018.


We've been methodically growing our team and infrastructure over the last few years before even thinking about a new game. CasinoRPG and the incredible community it has spawned remains our top focus, and we've worked hard to allow ourselves to continue exploring creative expression while keeping the pedal firmly down on CasinoRPG's continued development.

When work started on CasinoRPG, GoldFire Studios was just two people. We have since tripled in size and have many incredible volunteers that make it possible for us to support independent game development. We've also worked hard to make GoldFire 2.0 a great home for our games so that minimal work is required to release and support new ones, such as Exocraft.

By growing our team and streamlining our processes and infrastructure, we are able to better serve a growing community and continue to release great new features, updates and fixes in a timely manner. There is still so much more to come for CasinoRPG, and we are excited for all of you to experience it!

Today's CasinoRPG update includes several new Arcade Machine items, which give you exclusive access to the Exocraft beta. By reaching level 10 in Exocraft, you'll also receive a limited edition Exocraft Arcade Machine item! All you have to do to enter the beta is find an Arcade Machine (or place one in your casino) and walk up to it like you would a slot or video poker machine.