An examination of core values

I was recently reading an article for my Capstone class titled "Building your company's vision" by James C. Collins and Jerry I. Porras, and it really got me thinking about the vision for GoldFire Studios. Collins and Porras highlight the fact that every successful company has at least 3 core values that are central and unchanging to that specific company.

While my company can hardly claim to have true core values at this early stage (besides the fact that it is difficult to build a culture with no employees, but this will hopefully change soon), I believe the following 3 are the core values that I always strive for with my business, and as time goes on I aim to focus on keeping these as constants no matter the size of the company.

Customer Service

This goes at the top of the list because I feel customer service is the most important thing a company can offer its customers, and unfortunately I see a lot of companies these days that don't quite understand this. After all, the customers are the ones that make all of this possible.

Innovation & Creativity

I got into game development because I wanted to take impossible ideas and turn them into reality. If this drive for innovation and creativity every goes away, it is time to move onto a new profession. GoldFire Studios should always strive for this, which is why I put those 2 words on the front page of this site.


This goes back to customer service. It may be easy to pump out game after game that work, technically, but the customer deserves more than that. It will always take more time, more money, and more effort to create quality over quantity, but in the end I believe it will always be worth it.

I don't claim to be perfect at any of these, but that isn't really the point. Perfection is simply a goal that you can always strive for but never reach. Just because you don't reach that goal doesn't mean you have failed, but if you gave it your all and fought for that goal then you have found success.