2 new projects announced!

Well I haven\'t posted any blog posts in quite a while and that is simply because I have been VERY busy!  But this is a very good thing:-)  Not only have I added several new features to the ever growing Eternal Kingdoms and allVolume, but I have dreamed up 2 more projects to add to my to-do list.

The first is a site called cQuiz that can be located at http://cquiz.com.  This is a site where users can build their own custom quizzes and let their friends or anyone take these quizzes.  More information can be found in the Projects section.

The second new project is \"reggib - its bigger backwards\", which can be visited at http://reggib.com.  Think about it for a minute and you will get it;-)  This site is similar to allVolume, but instead of collecting tabs and lyrics it will collect all forms of media.  Again, more information is available from the Projects page.

Be watching for these new projects soon and for new features on the entire network as I continue to build the quality and site of the GoldFire Studios network!